Welcome To Perfect Art!
Hi, my name is Tom. For more than 20 years, I've painted in a variety of styles. Today, I'm going to show you how we go from a blank canvas to a finished masterpiece.
1: Sketch on the canvas:
Sketch is the first step of a great painting. Accurate sketch makes sure the dimensions and proportion of the reproduction will go in right. Usually, our artists use a grid system to make the outline!
2: First layer of paints:
Following the sketch, we paint the basic shapes with big brushstrokes. The color of this layer decides the accent of the final painting will be right or not.
3: Building subjects:
After the base color, we usually leave the paints some days for drying, then, we start to build the forms of objects. After this stage, you can have a general idea about the content of each part because the shapes are all defined.
4: Adding details, shading , color contrast and highlights.
This step is very important and it is the time for artists to show their skills by using different brush sizes and types, by utilizing different painting techniques, or by just using more or less paint on the brush to make sure the features of the original paintings will be represented exactly.
5: Final step:
When the painting is done, if it is a classic painting, the artists need to check the face and body constitution carefully, then, we take photos by digital camera and email to customers.
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