Welcome To Perfect Art!

We have been working with over 400 artists. All of our artists were graduated from fine art colleges and possess at least ten years of oil painting creating experience. We only recruit experienced and talented artists. The artists working with us are very patient and good attitude, in an English proverb, both talent and virtue, which is very important. Some of our painters have been with us since the company was found! This allows us to offer our returning customers with constant quality. Our artists are in several teams according to their major styles, abstract, impressional figure, impressional flower, landscpae, classical figure, etc... And each team has a "captain", the most senior artist to control the quality. When the painting is finished, he/she will check the painting and teach how to improve. Our artists` age is between 25 and 65. The high quality of our artists team assures that every painting shipped from us is high quality.

 In the following, it is part of our artists and works made by them: 
Artists name Major Work1 Work2 Work3

Fu Shen

Song Cao

Zhen Shai

Xi Huan
Classic figure

Wen Guo

Hui Shu

Huang Ming

Mei Qiong
Van gogh, Monet

Jian Ping
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